Open Records Request

Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, gives you the right to access government records. All government information is presumed to be available to the public, with certain conditions.

Procedures to Obtain Information

1. Submit a Public Information Request form by mail, email, or in person to the HCRMA.
2. Include enough description and detail about the information requested to enable the governmental body to accurately identify and locate the information requested.
3. Cooperate with the HCRMA's reasonable efforts to clarify the type or amount of information requested.
4. An Officer of HCRMA should respond to you within two (2) working days of receiving your request to confirm receipt of your request.
5. The HCRMA has ten (10) working days to provide the information being requested if no exceptions exist. If the information cannot be produced within ten (10) working days, you will be notified in writing of the reasonable date and time when it will be available.
6. The HCRMA may request a ruling from the Office of Attorney General if it believes an exception might apply. Seeking such opinion can take an additional forty-five (45) days.

Cost of Records

The HCRMA uses the rates established by Texas Government Code, Chapter 70, to determine charges in responding to your request. If a charge will be assessed, a written estimate of these charges will be sent to you. You must respond to any written estimate of charges within 10 days of the sent. If you do not respond within 10 days, your request will be considered automatically withdrawn and the file will be closed.

If estimated cost exceeds $50 the HCRMA may require a deposit. You may ask the HCRMA for determination of a waiver or reduction of charges if the information requested primarily benefits the general public.

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